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About MAKE

Gothenburg based visual artist with a passion for games and business solutions. Love new challenges and opportunities to learn new tools and improve myself in a multitude of areas.

Background in game design and 3D-visualization. Studied for three years at university and various projects since.

Currently working in wholesale for a company that imports and sells organic and natural food and products to different stores all around Sweden. Although not my main task, I make visualizations in Blender that we use as tools to sell products and concepts to our customers.

Solutions Gallery

These are some of the projects and solutions I have worked on along the years.

Procedural Building

Modular building made in geometry nodes in Blender. You can set height in floors and change the width and length with the click of a button.

Realistic 3D-Models

Making 3D-models that have optimized level of detail for a wide range of use. For example you can use this model to create images or videos for promotional use. Or you could make an interactive scene with the model that you can use in AR or VR.

Price Tags

Made in Python by parsing through an excel file and creating images which are then imported to Blender as textures.

Procedural Store Shelves

Shelves made in geometry nodes in Blender made to easily change the height and content of each individual section. 


3D visualization of a planogram made in Blender used to show a potential customer which resulted in a sale.


Handmade shader to represent the cap on a bottle of oil, using colors as masks to divide it into sections.


If you have any questions about services or anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.